Articles for February 2013

Safely Shovelling Snow

To our family and friends of SFW, we hope you are all snuggled up, warm and safe with your family.

Just a friendly reminder with tomorrow morning’s shoveling ahead; make sure to practice safe shoveling practices. Using the wrong body mechanics when shoveling snow can cause back injuries, so let’s review a few things!

1.    Make sure to pick the right shovel size! Look for a shovel with either an adjustable or curved handle, and preferably lightweight, whenever possible. This will minimize strenuous bending.

2.    Remember to warm up before engaging in vigorous shoveling for 5-10mins. How? Go for a brisk walk, march in place and get that blood pumping to loosen up those cold, tight muscles.

3.    Stretch! Stretch those poor hamstrings, hip flexors and back muscles before you start throwing around that heavy snow.

4.    Lift correctly! Bend at the hips (NOT the low back) and knees and lift with your legs, while keeping your back straight. Avoid twisting your back while carrying a load of snow too!!!

5.    Take breaks! Remember, it’s not a marathon… work at your own bodies pace and rest when needed.

6.    Drink plenty of water! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!!!

Good luck out there!

Dr. S