Articles for November 2013

Welcome to Simpson Family Wellness

Dr. Anna-Marie Simpson, D.C., MSACN is your local family chiropractor specializing in preventative health by maintaining wellness and function. Dr. Simpson has specialties in pediatrics, prenatal and postpartum care too, helping your family from infancy and on! What sets her apart from other chiropractors is her individualized approach to her patient care, that includes muscle work, therapeutic exercises and ergonomic suggestions. Expect a full hour of care!!!! In addition to her doctorate, she has a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition and can help nutritionally!! Dr. Simpson’s provides overall rounded and holistic care!

She also regularly provides free public educational workshops on nutrition, general wellness, women’s health and healthy pregnancies… so check out our calendar or find us on facebook!

Ergonomics while Nursing

To my fellow nursing mommas, we often unconsciously slouch into crazy positions to feed our little ones day and night. We tend to want to bring our breasts down to our babies, which causes slouching. These slouched postures place considerable stress on our already taxed post-partum bodies, leading to excess strain on our joints, muscles, discs and ligaments. Some of these postural positions we get ourselves into causes us to roll back on our tailbone or SI joints, in addition, causing excess flexion in our thoracics (upper back) and rounding of our shoulders. This posture for prolonged periods can lead to PAIN and of course, long term postural changes.

So what can we do?

Well, supporting our back while sitting on the couch or chair is important. Try placing a small pillow (or rolled towel) on your low back. Avoid crossing your legs and ankles whenever possible. Instead, use a foot stool that will allow you to place your feet flat on the floor. Look to have right angles at both your hips and knees while sitting. When your spine is in a neutral position, your spine will be in a natural “S” curve, with your weight on your “sit bones” versus rolling your pelvis back.

For your upper torso, be cognizant of maintaining contact with the back of your chair and allow your shoulders to drop. Try to lengthen your neck and minimize your chin jutting forward.

And what about your little one? How can they reach your breast?

Place a pillow (i.e. a “Boppy” or “Breast friend”) under them to bring them up to your breast.

For additional support, come see your local chiropractor for some additional post-partum support!!!

Dr. S