Simpson Family Wellness

About Simpson Family Wellness

“Join our family’s commitment to your family’s health and wellness through our skills and experiences in chiropractic and nutrition at Simpson Family Wellness.”


Simpson Family Wellness is a family oriented wellness center located in Camillus, NY.

We have a diverse patient population, ranging from infancy to the elderly. For years Chiropractors have treated patients by adjusting hypomobility in the spine.  Simpson Family Wellness looks beyond the old school thought process of traditional chiropractic and incorporates muscular and visceral treatment as well as the chiropractic adjustment. Wellness counseling is added to patient’s care plan in order to “maximize” the chiropractic adjustment, allowing people to achieve optimal health.

Our office offers many different services for our patient base including chiropractic care that specializes in pediatric chiropractic, chiropractic care during pregnancy and nutritional counseling. The office provides services including nutritional assessments and supplements, home care recommendations and chiropractic care. Chiropractic techniques used here include: Diversified, Thompson Drop, Webster Breech, Activator and ART.

At Simpson Family Wellness, it is our hope to enhance the public’s health and educate on the aspects of health and wellness. Stay tuned for our next seminar!