Due to Dr. Anna’s nutritional counseling and easy to implement dietary changes, I have lowered my triglycerides from high to normal, and raised my vitamin D levels from almost non-existent to normal. Thanks Dr. Anna!

Chad W.

Dr. Anna did bodywork on my infant twins following their tongue and lip tie revisions. She helped to release tension and correct their latches, which helped my breastfeeding experience immensely. She is very patient and so good with children, not to mention extremely skilled in what she does. Highly recommend!

Mary B.

Dr Anna is absolutely the best!!! I had been to my family Dr, and several specialists. I had every test known to man done. Blood work many times, even surgery and still no answers for my pain. The Drs pushed one pill after another and kept telling me I needed pain management. I wasn’t buying it. Dr Anna spent many hours researching all my tests and lab work, and it didn’t take her long to see what all of the medical professionals never picked up on. Thank you Dr Anna for giving me my life back. I respect and admire you as a healer and a person. I’m eternally grateful for your help.

Susan A.

I have been to other chiropractors and have never felt so listened to and taken care of! Dr anna really takes the time to make sure you are getting the best possible care! And there’s lots of toys for the kids too! I am so blessed to have found this office

Cassie B.

I ❤️ acupuncture!!! This morning I felt like I was Lagatha (from Vikings), and this afternoon I feel like Buddha. Community acupuncture on a sliding scale fee at Simpson Family Wellness in Camillus. Seriously the very best decision you will make.

You will LOVE the acupuncturist! I’ve been to at least 10 different acupuncturists in my life, and Dr Ferguson is amazing – truly gifted, and is passionate about her trade.


Melinda H.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU Dr. Simpson! So I went in for a routine adjustment today and mentioned to Doctor Simpson that I have had trouble engaging my core since having my second C-section. She confirmed I have diastasis recti and my abs are currently not speaking to each other ha ha. Good news? She can help! We started with some basic core exercises and then she taped me with her sweet new skills she learned this weekend. My shoulders are also feeling amazing as it is in the correct position thanks to more tape! She’s a miracle worker!

Lindsay S.

Dr. Anna-Marie Simpson used KT tape for my knee before a 5k this weekend and it was likely the only reason I was able to complete it! Without her help, my knee would likely have given out. She’s also helped me treat a pulled back and general kept me in good working order. Plus, she’s a blast to work with! Thanks Dr. Anna!

Sara F.

My infant son was referred to Dr. Anna by our amazing IBCLC (lactation consultant) for bodywork after his lip and tongue tie revisions almost a year ago, now. There are few providers in the area experienced and knowledgeable in the chiropractic and CST work needed for before and after tie revisions – Dr. Anna is definitely one of them.


Dr. Anna is very gentle with children and has been accommodating of all of my sons needs. He had and still has anxiety around people other than his parents and Dr. Anna has made sure he is as comfortable as possible at every visit. She gives him breaks and encourages us to nurse anytime he seems to be getting upset.


After seeing her work with my son, I decided to become a patient, as well. Dr. Anna is very professional, yet puts you at easy with her friendly demeanor. Her work speaks for itself and once she has her hands on you, you won’t question whether or not you will return. She doesn’t just “crack” your spine and move on. She spends a good amount of time working on muscles before and after adjusting the bones.


Her new center also has lots of other great practitioners and she offers tons of free classes and workshops on a range of wellness topics. Highly recommend!!

Theresa S.

Dr. Anna is an incredible healer and practitioner whom I have seen for over a year and whom I have now sent friends, students, colleagues, and family.


I see Dr. Anna for general wellness and for issues that come up as a result of day-to-day life, illness, musician injuries, and as a compliment (and assist) to my yoga practice and business.  I have sent my yoga students (and their babies!) to her to assist with prenatal and postnatal challenges and also have recommended her to many friends and family so she could help them reduce and remedy chronic pain.


I have always been nervous about and around medicine and doctors.  From the first appointment, I felt like Dr. Anna truly listened to my concerns and made sure to address and discuss each one thoroughly, plan a course of treatment, and then provide follow up instructions.  I have left every appointment with a better knowledge of my body and how to live and move in such a way that I feel better.


After a recent accident, I was experiencing lower back pain in a way that made sleeping and standing for long times a real challenge – I made an appointment and the improvement was instant and marked. Also, I am a musician and have dealt with TMJ for years: Dr. Anna has worked with my and with my body in such a way that I can now make music pain and tension free when in the past recommendations were all based around reactionary solutions (pain medicine) rather than proactive solutions.


I am so grateful to Dr. Anna for her ability to make me feel so much better, for her commitment to ongoing professional development that keeps her at the cutting edge of her profession, and for her commitment to sharing healthy living and wellness throughout Central New York.

Erin T.

Dr. Anna is amazing! She’s very thorough. She educates you on you injury and you body to help you understand why you are experiencing discomfort and how the adjustments are going to help. While I was treated she gave me some literature on stretching to do and postures because I sit at a desk all day. She truly cars about you, even after you leave the office.
Dr. Anna treated my son as well. I had no idea the impact he was taking as kid. They have a lot from their tumbles and falls, poor diets and stressors at school. After a few visits, I saw a drastic improvement!
She has a great sense of humor and an excellent bedside manner. The only regret you’ll have, is not going.
Thank you Dr. Anna!!

Cyndi D

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