Personalized Program – Professional Support



What’s great about Standard Process’ 21 Day Purification Program is that it offers several options in order to customize the program for an individual. What’s even better is that Dr. Anna takes it a step further, tailoring it based on her one on one conversation with you regarding your goals, lifestyle and dietary needs.

Nursing mamas! If your baby is 6 months or older, Dr. Anna has already modified the program (and did it herself while nursing!) so there’s no need to worry if it can be done.

Professional Support


At Simpson Family Wellness, we believe that a program like this shouldn’t just be done under the supervision of a professional, but with an array of support services. Our Facebook support page not only connects you with others who are cleansing with you, but provides daily tips, recipes, and coaching to help you each day of the cleanse. Dr. Anna also makes herself available through email, messages, and phone when one on one support is needed.

If you’d like, take a minute to scroll through the support page to see what it looked like for previous cleanse programs.

Don’t wait, contact Dr. Anna today to order or ask any questions you may have!

Program Starts June 11th – Sign up by Friday May 18th!

Clearer Skin, Shinier Hair, Better Weight Management

We all know that what we eat has profound effects on our weight and general health. It may be hard to believe, but the health of your skin, hair and nails is also intimately connected to how you fuel your body! If you’ve had problems with acne, brittle or dull hair, nails that are always breaking it is a sign that your body needs some help. A healthy cleanse can help your body rid itself of harmful toxins while providing nourishing, energizing food.

Find out what our 21 Day Purification Program can do for you! For more information check out our website or contact Dr. Anna directly. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Program Starts June 11th – Sign up by Friday May 18th!