Parent Burnout

We’ve all been there…raising tiny humans is tough work, mentally, physically, and emotionally.


In her blog post, 20 Things that Sent Me into Parent Burnout, Scary Mommy’s Christina Antus reminds us to laugh at ourselves and that we’re far from alone in our experiences. She ends with a quick note on combating burnout:

“So, if you’re on the verge of parent burnout, be kind to yourself. Remove the things that don’t need to be done today, or even tomorrow. When that hose starts spraying at you full blast, don’t just stand there. Move to the side and try and to dodge the impact. When that’s just not possible, sometimes you have to curl into a wilted ball until the pressure is gone. You’ll have to lay there and wait for the sun to come out and dry you off until you’re strong enough to stand and skitter back into life.”


Here are some simple but powerful ideas for preventing burnout:

Avoid overextending yourself. Saying no to things is ok!

Don’t put yourself last. Yes, we need to put our kiddo(s) first a lot of the time, but that doesn’t mean we need to be last! A well-rested, well-nourished parent with interests and friendships of their own is not only a good role model, but a happier parent.

Make time and space for yourself and things you enjoy. Even if its 5 minutes; do something you enjoy, not something that needs to be done.

**When you have more than 5 minutes, come on in to Simpson Family Wellness for much needed self-care! See Dr. Anna for chiropractic care and nutrition counseling, Dr. Ferguson for acupuncture, and Heather for massage and reiki. We even can arrange for you to see multiple providers in one visit if you’ve found a few hours.**



More strategies for preventing and tackling burnout here, at Psychology Today

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