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I have to admit, when Dr Anna first told me about the program, I was a little nervous. I try to be a good eater and make good, healthy decisions, but it doesn’t always happen. But I knew I didn’t like the way I looked and felt, so I knew it was time for a change. I was still carrying around a lot of baby weight (and my “baby” is now 2!). Time for a change! So I decided to go for it. I knew support was crucial, so I asked my husband and mother to get on board. They agreed.


Day 1 came and it wasn’t so bad. Even the first 3-4 days weren’t too bad, once I figured out how I like my shakes. I was enjoying having the fresh fruits and veggies always available, and so did my kiddos. Things got a little “tough” right before Day 11 (protein day), but I made it!


After the full 21 days, I saw noticeable differences…on the scale, in my clothes, in my energy level. The numbers were fantastic in my post-purification meeting.


I (we, the hubbs and I) have continued this healthy lifestyle and I am still seeing weight loss. I love that it is also affecting my children in a positive way. They are asking for fewer processed snacks, and for more fruits and veggies. Added bonus!


I am continually talking the program and its benefits up to people.


Thank you so much to Dr Anna for her constant support!!

Robin L

I completed the SP Purification Program for the first time at the start of summer. I felt sluggish and couldn’t lose weight, so Dr. Simpson recommended I give it a try. The first few days were the hardest, especially when my family continued to eat in a way that let’s just say wasn’t on the cleanse. I found with packing ahead, and creativity it became much easier and I didn’t want the foods I used to crave. I lost weight and inches, but also felt much healthier! I will definitely be doing another cleanse when I’m able!

Crystal A

Thank you Dr. Anna for ALL you have done for us! We soooo appreciate you!


Your professional supervision was fantastic! feeling great still and 5 lbs less. Thank you Dr Anna for all the great recipes and encouragement!

Mary S

On Tuesday May 20th, 2014 I started the process, the 21 Day Purification Program. Having suffered with gluten intolerance and many other allergies, I’ve had a hard time losing weight for 16 years. I tried many times to lose weight but had no success. The first two days were hard as I was addicted to caffeine so I had bad headaches. As the days went on, drinking the shakes eating lots of vegetables and some fruit became so much easier. By the 10th day I started feeling like a new person! I had more energy and I was exercising every day. By the end of the program I was feeling AMAZING! When weighing in I was feeling great about my accomplishments. I had finally lost 12 pounds, 3 inches in my hips and 3 inches in my waist. So I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with weight loss and to someone looking for a healthy start!

Penny F

My name is Craig and my wife and I did the 21-day Standard Process cleanse in the fall of 2014. I had never been able to stick to a diet before, but with my wife’s support, we entered into the cleanse together and were both very successful.


I am a 46-year-old man with poor eating habits. My goals for this cleanse was to “reboot” my system that was plagued with artificial everything, from sweeteners to processed and fast food. I would skip meals, especially breakfast, and binge eat on junk food late at night. I felt tired most of the time, had considerable mood swings, and was very introverted in my relationships.


Physically I suffer from very high blood pressure, cholesterol issue, endurance, and severe acid reflux. I was looking for a miracle.


The cleanse changed so many bad habits I had built up in my life. I was more thoughtful and intentional at the store – looking at organic fruits and vegetables, reading labels, and selecting a higher quality food to put on my family’s table. I was eating at regular times throughout the day, drinking high quantities of water, and making healthy choices when wanting snacks.


After about a week of physical transition, a noticeable change in my energy level was felt. My sleep was deeper and I awoke more rested and energized. I had not taken anti-acids throughout the cleanse because I never suffered from acid reflux or heartburn. I stopped taking my blood pressure medicine because my pressure had normalized due to the cleanse. My weight loss was moderate (I lost almost 20 pounds over the 21-days), but the biggest loss was my bloated stomach and fat around my waist. Pants that I could barely button were easy to button and comfortable to wear.


Not to mention the mental improvements. I felt more engaged in conversations. I felt my thinking was more clear and focused. I wasn’t plagued with fatigue throughout the day. It was the most alert I have felt the most of my adult life.


I would have to say the most important improvement was when my kids would join in by eating better foods. It hit me how important it is to establish healthy eating habits early in life in order to build a better life.


I highly recommend the cleanse to anyone who wants a new start and foundation to build a new healthy lifestyle. The cleanse was a major investment of time and energy to plan and implement the meals and snacks, but the benefits came rapidly and encouraged us to persevere. In the end, the effort put into it is well worth it.

Craig D

In May I started the standard process 21 day purification program that Dr. Anna-Marie was offering at one of her ladies info nights. I had been feeling very tired and rundown. And after talking with Dr. Anna she helped me realize that it was all the sugar I was eating. I do love sugar!


The cleanse was hard at first, those sugary treats were screaming at me to eat them. But by the second week I was feeling really great so it was getting easier.


By the end of the program I lost 12 lbs and was feeling great, but more than that I had learned a whole new way of eating and taking care of myself, that I have continued with and am actually enjoying! Thank you Dr. Anna for giving me the tools to change!

Kris B

I went into the 21 day purification program a bit hesitant, but I am so glad I made the decision! By the end of the 21 days, I felt great- no headaches or bloating, my acne and eczema was clearing and almost gone and I didn’t have that afternoon crashing feeling. I was down 8 pounds and continue to lose weight since the program. It’s a total reset for your body and you learn really fast what foods do not agree with your system. My absolute favorite part of the whole program was how I learned how to feed my family. My two year old can open the fridge and have access to many colorful and flavorful fruits and veggies that weren’t as available before the purification program. He has found many new favorites himself! Dr. Anna-Marie was so supportive and helpful throughout he whole program and had so many great suggestions so that we wouldn’t get bored with it. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to get healthier, lose weight, or even just become more informed about how to fuel your body!

Lee R

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