Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga with Kara Knott

Upcoming Class begins Tuesday May 7th

6 Week Sessions – Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM 

Drop-In: $15   |   6 Class Package: $72   

Prenatal yoga empowers expectant mothers in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters toward the birth mind space they’re creating for their delivery via conscious, present connection with their baby during the nurturing of their body in yoga class. This nurturing is the combination of breath, posture, and meditation to increase mind/body/baby awareness, and in turn enhance the rewards, and soothe the challenges of pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga has been shown to:

  • Help back and neck pain and tension
  • Sciatica
  • Heartburn
  • Swelling of the limbs

Yoga helps bring a deep awareness and a sense of joy to life when we need it most. As I like to say, “Move a muscle, change a thought!”
During yoga class we will provide a serene, supportive, community energy that will allow you to connect with other people, and at the same time build strength, focus and flexibility through a gentle practice designed especially for the individuals needs. Expect a combination of active, flowing poses as well as restorative poses to relax and re-energize. Simple breathing and meditation techniques will be introduced to support the practice and bring the attention inward where you can listen to and then honor the needs of your body. Questions are always welcome before or after classes.

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Kara Knott

Yoga Instructor, Kripalu RYT 200


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